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We've got a special opportunity to get our member business in front of thousands of faithful in the archdiocese!

The St. Joseph Business Guild's mission is to support Catholic parishes, schools, and families.


That means we need strong businesses, ideally a button-click away from the faithful!

So we've...

  • built our public-facing member business directory, St. Joseph's List,

  • helped 260+ member businesses get their listings up (and there's room for hundreds—and thousands—more!),

  • and now we're sending out 20,000 flyers, inserted into parish bulletins, to advertise the list!

The flyer will also be a chance to highlight select businesses in the list who will help sponsor the cost to print and distribute!

Space in the flyer is limited (we want to showcase the variety of businesses in the list!); reserve by July 1st!

Check out the flyer design below! Available ad space opportunities (on the back of the flyer) include display or text!





Display Ads
Size: 2.5" x 2"
Price: $199 each (includes design help, if needed)
Quantity available: 6*

Line Ads
Price: $99 each
Line #1 - Business name
Line #2 - limit (36) characters
Quantity available: 16*

*Estimates and subject to revision depending upon interest

Reserve an ad opportunity by July 1st!


For questions about the flyer, please contact Roger Vasko (

Listings in the St. Joseph List are a benefit of membership in the Guild! If your business is not listed, let us know and we will help you set up a strong listing!

And looking to share with your customers that your business is a Guild member? We've got assets for just that purpose!

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