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What is the St. Joseph List Lite?

An advertising benefit exclusively for members of the St. Joseph Business Guild.


The St. Joseph List Lite, formerly known as "The St. Joseph Shopper" is a spotlight of our member businesses from our public-facing member business directory (being redesigned and renamed as "St. Joseph's List"). It is a printed advertisement is included in retail orders, both in-store and online, at Leaflet Missal Company (St. Paul, MN), Seedlings Gifts & Books (Chanhassen, MN), St. George Books (Blaine, MN). The List Lite is also shared with members, prospects, and inserted into parish bulletins around the archdiocese.


Through The St. Joseph List Lite, guild members can advertise their companies directly to Catholic customers who already want to support Catholic businesses. The List has also expanded to offer a parish edition, sent to parishes, for businesses who may cater to the parishes as customers.


These editions of The St. Joseph List Lite are offered: 

• Standard for member businesses of the Guild;

• A Parish Edition for businesses that can offer services to Archdiocesan parishes


Ads are available in the Local edition for three consecutive calendar months,

Ads are 2.5”(w) x 2”(h), full color, and space will be given first come, first served. Additionally, the Local edition may offer a reduced price, simple two-line ad listing only the advertising business's name and business website URL.


A business may purchase an ad in all editions of the List - this would be especially applicable for businesses who serve all the applicable markets.






(About $0.04 to $0.05 per insert, depending on orders sold.)

Deadline to submit for Apr-May-June 2024 edition:

Mar. 29

Ordering Information


Submitting Your Ad

Ads may be submitted or paid for via the links below!

And if you are an annual sponsor, then payment was already received when you signed on for your sponsorship - no need to pay again!

Still need help?

For ad material submissions, formatting help, and other questions about The St. Joseph List Lite, please email

  • What is a guild?
    A guild is an association of workers for collaborative aid and self-help inspired by spiritual values. Guilds were prevalent in medieval times and, generally speaking, they were groups of craftsman and merchants in England and elsewhere who submitted themselves to a system of mutual aid, but also to mutual discipline. Guilds had the effect of leading to the best pay and working conditions for the ordinary working man for five centuries! Learn more about the history of the guilds here.
  • Why was the Guild started?
    The Guild was started to support families. We want to direct our business and best jobs to faithful Catholics who support our parishes and schools. The Guild crosses boundaries of parish, age, and occupation and provides the platform, tools, and networking opportunities to assist a community of Catholics help each other.
  • Who are members of the Guild?
    Our members are Catholic men and women who are working hard to provide for their families. They are young and old, novices and experts, students and retirees, employees and employers of all occupations. We group our members into one of six categories: Business Owner- Owner of a for-profit business that employs at least one other employee. Student- High School, Vocational, or College student. Entrepreneur- Owner of a for-profit business with no employees, aspiring business owner, free-lancer. Mentor- Experienced businessperson willing to share skills, knowledge, and expertise with others. Individual Member- Employed, unemployed looking for work, student in search of an internship. Parish/Non-Profit- Parishes and non-profit organizations
  • What benefits does membership provide me?
    Access to our Guild Member Directory Business owners will find qualified employees to grow their companies to a new level. Job seekers will be provided the contacts to find career changing jobs. Entrepreneurs will be informed of business opportunities based on the needs of our Catholic community. Mentors will give practical advice to new and existing businesses owners. Our business directory provides businesses with a customer base without the cost of advertising.
  • What does a normal meeting look like?
    The Guild holds quarterly meetings for all members, which have previously included Mass, Adoration & Benediction, networking time, dinner, lectures, and member spotlights. Networking meetings are also periodically held at a brewery or bar over happy hour.
  • Do I have to pay to be a member of the Guild?
    Dues vary depending on one's member type. The annual dues schedule is as follows:
  • What are the expectations of a Guild member?
    Guild members are expected to follow the precepts of the Catholic Church and to practice relational networking – giving without the expectation of receiving in return. Guild members should have a desire to help other members find jobs, employees or business contacts. The Guild seeks members’ commitment of enthusiasm for our mission, not a commitment of time.
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