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What is the St. Joseph Shopper?

An advertising benefit exclusively for members of the St. Joseph Business Guild.


The St. Joseph Shopper(s) started as printed advertisements that are included in retail orders, both in-store and online, at Leaflet Missal Company in St. Paul (MN). Through The Shopper, guild members can advertise their companies directly to Catholic customers who already want to support Catholic businesses. The Shopper has also expanded to offer a parish edition, sent to parishes, for businesses who may cater to the parishes as customers.


Three editions of the St. Joseph Shopper are offered: 

• A Local Edition for businesses with a local market (Twin Cities metro);

• A National Edition for businesses with a national market. Note that the National Shopper reaches over 4x as many customers as the Local Shopper;

• A Parish Edition for businesses that can offer services to Archdiocesan parishes

For an example mockup of each edition, click the corresponding graphic below.


Ads are available in the Local and National Shopper(s) for two consecutive calendar months,

Ads are 2.5”(w) x 2”(h), full color, and space will be given first come, first served. Additionally, the Local Shopper offers a reduced price, simple two-line ad listing only the advertising business's name and business website URL.


A business may purchase an ad in all editions of the Shopper - this would be especially applicable for businesses who serve both local and national markets.


Local Shopper: 




(About $0.04 to $0.05 per insert, depending on orders sold.)

Local Shopper -

Simple Ad: 



(About $0.02 per insert, depending on orders sold.)





(About $0.025 to $0.035 per insert, depending on orders shipped.)

Deadline to submit for Sept-Oct 2022 editions:

August 25

Ordering Information


Submitting Your Ad

Before submitting your ad, please see the "Ad Guidelines" information for proper advertising formatting. Then select the ad you wish to run, submit payment, and then send your ad materials to Kevin Gearns at



Local Ad

Local 2 Line.png


Local 2-Line Ad



National Ad

Still need help?

For ad material submissions, formatting help, and other questions about The St. Joseph Shopper, please email Kevin Gearns at

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