What is the St. Joseph Shopper?

A benefit exclusively for members of the St. Joseph Business Guild.


The St. Joseph Shopper(s) are printed advertisements that are included in retail orders, both in-store and online, at Leaflet Missal Company in St. Paul (MN). Through The Shopper, guild members can advertise their companies directly to Catholic customers who already want to support Catholic businesses.


Two editions of the St. Joseph Shopper will be offered: 

• A Local Edition for businesses with a local market (Twin Cities metro);

• A National Edition for businesses with a national market. Note that the National Shopper reaches over 4x as many customers as the Local Shopper.

For an example mockup of each edition, click the corresponding graphic below.



Local Shopper: 



(About $0.04 to $0.05 per insert, depending on orders sold.)





(About $0.025 to $0.035 per insert, depending on orders shipped.)

Deadline for Nov-Dec '21 editions of The Shopper was November 4th.

Interested in advertising your business in The St. Joseph Shopper?

Ads are available in the Shopper(s) for two consecutive calendar months, although the inaugural edition will have a shorter period, from November 18th through December 2021.

Also featured is a “Help Wanted” section in which short job openings may be posted.

Ads are 2.5”x2”, full color, and will be given first come, first served. A business may purchase an ad in both editions of the Shopper. This would be especially applicable for businesses who serve both local and national markets.

See the following for anatomies/examples of an ad or job posting.


Submitting your ad:

Before submitting your ad, please see the "Best Practices" information and format your advertisement accordingly.

See the following for examples of...


For ad submissions, formatting help, and other questions about The St. Joseph Shopper, please email Kevin Gearns at


Frequently asked questions

What is the St. Joseph Business Guild?

The St. Joseph Business Guild is a community of professionals of all stripes who are united by their Catholic faith. There are so many potential partnerships waiting to be unlocked in our Church and the Guild is designed to do just that.

The Guild and its members leverage the extensive network of its members to help members find better jobs and employees, advertise their businesses, attend network meetings and forums, find mentors, and otherwise strengthen their professional lives.

By supporting members in their businesses, the Guild helps integrate faith and works, and in turn helps invigorate our parishes, schools, and families.

Learn more about the tools and benefits available to members at

Who is Leaflet Missal Company?

Leaflet Missal Company is a Catholic gift and church goods store, started in St. Paul in 1929. Leaflet serves local walk-in customers and churches, in addition to extensive order-shipping across the country. Using the expertise of our members, the Guild will help Leaflet increase business and trim expenses. In return, the Guild will be given access to Leaflet’s customers.

Does my business have to be a member of the St. Joseph Business Guild to run an ad?

Yes, ads are exclusively available to members of the St. Joseph Business Guild. Dues for membership are very reasonable, and members can experience benefits regardless of their level of commitment or ability to attend meetings.

As with much in life, the more you invest, the more you will get out of your membership!

How long is an ad featured in The Shopper?

Unless otherwise noted, ads are featured in The Shopper for a period of two consecutive months: Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec.

How much does it cost to run an ad in The Shopper?

For the most up-to-date information, please see the cost information above.

Can you help me design my ad?

Absolutely we can. Let us take that off your plate. Your ads can be submitted in any degree of completion to Kevin Gearns at

Please consult best practices for running an advertisement or job posting before sending your materials or questions!

Is there a max on how many businesses can run an ad?

No, there is no max on how many businesses can run an ad. If there is increased interest for advertising in The Shopper, then unit size may be condensed or additional pages may be added!

Could members of the St. Joseph Business Guild obtain copies of The Shopper for their parish bulletins or parish store?

That’s the hope! We are actively exploring different ways the Shopper could be distributed, such as diocesan/Catholic newspapers, Church bulletins, direct mail, etc.

Why advertise with us?

Leaflet Missal's reach and customer base are extensive and devoted Catholics. Their business services many repeat customers, both in their physical showroom in St. Paul, as well as their extensive order-shipping across the country, which reaches 4x the customers of their showroom. An advertising investment in the Shopper strengthens our member businesses, our network, and Leaflet Missal, in addition to connecting Catholic customers with our members' services.