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You owe it to your family to ask your advisor, point-blank,

"Why haven’t you bought physical gold for my account?"


Gold vs Major Currencies, as of December 2016

Source – Bloomberg, GFMS-Thomson Reuters, ICE Benchmark Administration, Metals Focus, World Gold Council

Join the St. Joseph Business Guild, online or in-person, for

"True & Biblical Wealth"

Actions to take to help your family as a financial steward

This is a critical juncture in your family’s financial future – History suggests what you do now could impact the wealth of your family, your children, your grandchildren and even your great grandchildren.


Ask your financial advisor why they advocate 0% gold holdings for your account and email the answer you get to before the event and

receive a free one ounce silver round!

(while supplies last)


There’s another side to the current financial picture! Sharing a faith-formed vision with us is St. Joseph Partners, a precious metals provider and Guild member business, and Guild partner! Plus, pizza and drinks!


Support your families (and support the Guild while you do), and help us build!


(Reminder:  online attendees will be sent the event invite!)


Join online or in-person (1983 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul, MN)

Pizza and drinks for in-person attendees!

Email why your financial advisor advocates 0% gold holdings and receive a one ounce silver round!


The St. Joseph Business Guild does not offer financial advice. But we recognize that our members, and our faith, have insights to share from their own storehouses of wisdom.

Please note that St. Joseph Partners is a Guild member business, as well as a Guild Partner, which may be, admittedly, confusing. Guild partners are member businesses who donate to the St. Joseph Business Guild a portion of revenue generated via sales to Guild members. St. Joseph Partners, the member business, will donate 10% of the gross profit from transactions they do for the life of the customer that are referrals from the St. Joseph Business Guild.

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