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This is an initiative for business owners who wish to give back to the Guild by donating a portion of each sale or commission earned from each sale made to Guild members.

The business can accumulate these amounts and pay them whenever it is convenient - monthly, quarterly or annually.

In return, the business donor is included on the Sponsors Spotlight page that is linked on the Guild website, newsletter and prospect emails.

Printed copies are included in new member packets

A tag will be included on the bottom of the listing in the business directory noting that this business is a “Guild Partner” with a link that describes the contribution the partner is making to the Guild.

Luke Jenkins
Will donate 10% of his commission on any business from the Guild.
Commercial/Business Insurance
Roddy MacDonald - Lakes | Sotheby's
Will contribute 20% of his net earnings from any SJBG lead that wasn't already in his immediate network.
Real Estate
Accelerate Your Salary
Will donate 10% of top line revenue to the Guild.
Salary Negotiations Training
Danielle Camp - Realtor
Will donate 5% of commissions from any real estate transaction derived from the Guild.
Real Estate
Lisa Theus LLC
Will donate 10% of the gross profit from transactions with Guild Members.
St. Joseph Partners
Will pay 10% of the gross profit from transactions that we do for the life of the customer that are referrals from the St. Joseph Business Guild.
Precious Metals Sales
Mantle Buzz Promotions
Will donate 10% of the net profit from transactions with guild members.
Promotional Products
Will give 10% of each month's credit card clearing fees to the Guild for services provided to Guild members.
Payment Processing
Resolute Accounting
Will give 5% of charges to the Guild for accounting services provided to Guild Members.
Better Nest Homes
Will donate 5% of earnings from any real estate transaction derived from the Guild.
Real Estate
iComp Payroll & Human Resources
Will donate 10% of annual charges to any Guild members who switch to them, to the Guild - ongoing.
HR & Payroll
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