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A Summary of the St. Joseph Business Guild

The St. Joseph Business Guild is a Catholic association of businessmen and women
committed to helping one another flourish professionally and spiritually.


We are made up of business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, nonprofits, and students. Our ultimate goal is to help Catholics provide for their families. We connect business owners to workers and customers with our growing network of Catholics. Because of the Guild, our members have access to contacts and connections they wouldn’t otherwise have. Because of our common faith, members are like-minded and motivated to help one another succeed.

Beyond hosting regular networking events, talks, workshops, and other in-person and online events, Guild members are given access to

1) a database of all members to make networking easier,

2) job boards and job-seeker boards to help find better jobs and better employees,

3) mentors who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise, and

4) an online business directory open to the public to advertise Guild businesses and aid their growth.


As we grow, our tools, benefits, and offerings will grow and improve right along with us, adapting to the needs of our members in a rapidly-changing world.

These are chaotic times. The family and the Church are under assault. We need to respond by banding together. Join us and our intercessor, St. Joseph.

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