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Below is a list of guild members who are looking for full-time or part-time work. Read through their bios and resumes below to learn more about each candidate.

Posted on 3/26


Assistant Director, Project Management and Digital Strategy

Searching for:  Project Management/IT Manager (FT)


I'm an IT professional with over twenty years of experience. A renaissance technologist, I have worked in a variety of industries, and a variety of roles – but always with the goal of bridging the gap between end users and their data needs. I enjoy working with small teams to bring excellent products to fruition for our users. Regardless of whether in software development focused on agile techniques or in library science focused on research and history, I have improved user accessibility to the information that is relevant to them.

Posted on 3/22



Searching for:  President/COO (FT)


I'm looking for a President/COO role with a small, preferably family owned business that is looking to elevate their growth to the next level. I have considerable experience with EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and am an Integrator who's skills and experience would pair well with a Visionary. I would appreciate the opportunity to network and learn of any opportunities you may be aware of or to connect with people you believe would be helpful in my search.

Posted on 3/19


Student Picture Production at Lifetouch

Searching for:  Home Design (FT)


I have 40 years of experience in fulfillment and am looking to use transferable skills to enter Conceptual Residential Home Design. This field has fascinated me since an early age. Over the past twenty years I have designed over 700 home plans.

Posted on 10/15


Dispatch Supervisor

Searching for:  Communications, public relations, research, or marketing (FT)


I have been an operations/customer service manager and internet automotive sales professional for over 25 years. I can apply myself in virtually any environment, with pride in being able to learn quickly, and adapt to whatever business needs exist.

Posted on 4/21



Searching for: Bookkeeping and office administration (FT)

I am an experienced full charge bookkeeper, with extensive Quickbooks experience. I am seeking part time work for small businesses or organizations in need of bookkeeping help. I can be reached at jdhentges@earthlink.net

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