Looking for a different job or a career change?

Below is a list of guild members who are looking for full-time or part-time work. Read through their bios and resumes below to learn more about each candidate.


Posted on 10/21

Assistant Professor, Internship Coordinator

Searching for:  Employment in a Catholic-mission centered organization (FT)


I am a practicing Catholic seeking to discern God’s Will regarding my desire to work for an organization that has a truly-Catholic mission.


By the Grace of God, I have used and developed many universal skills during my time in academia, including (but not limited to) independent and team work, mentorship, leadership, management, organization, administration, legal compliance, budgeting, creativity, technical writing, teaching, advising, evaluating, time management, and problem solving.


I am ready and willing to leave academia (and this region/locale - presently in Oakton, VA) to do God’s Will, or remain in academia, if that is God’s Will. 


Posted on 5/24

Inside Sales

Searching for:  Inside Sales/Customer Service (FT)


I have 22 years of inside sales experience in the industrial distribution field. I also have a background in the lumber industry. I am a good communicator responsible and enjoy building friendships with my customers


Posted on 3/19

Student Picture Production at Lifetouch

Searching for:  Home Design (FT)


I have 40 years of experience in fulfillment and am looking to use transferable skills to enter Conceptual Residential Home Design. This field has fascinated me since an early age. Over the past twenty years I have designed over 700 home plans.