Looking for a different job or a career change?

Below is a list of guild members who are looking for full-time or part-time work. Read through their bios and resumes below to learn more about each candidate.


Posted on 4/29

Electronics Specialist

Searching for:  Information Technology Internship

I am a passionate and quick learner. Having worked with electronics on both the hardware and software side, I look forward to learning more hands on. I grew up tearing down computers to see how things work. I am currently expanding my knowledge of programming, networking, and data management.


Posted on 3/18

Personal Care Assistant

Searching for:  Pastoral Minister, Social Services or Public Relations

I have over 30 years of experience Catholic ministry. This includes small group facilitation, talks, interviewing and mentoring. Coming from a multicultural background, I am able to reach persons in all walks of life.


Posted on 2/15

Mechanical Engineering and Physics Student

Searching for:  Mechanical Engineer

I graduate this spring from Bethel University and am looking for an entry level mechanical engineering position. My class has paved the way for our accreditation process and I am looking forward to finally entering the job world. I have worked research the last two years and tackled many engineering design problems along the way. Through this experience I'm able to strongly and accurately communicate with my peers.


Posted on 2/2

Dispatch Supervisor

Searching for:  Communications, Public Relations, Research, Marketing

I have been an operations/customer service manager and internet automotive sales professional for over 25 years. I can apply myself in virtually any environment, with pride in being able to learn quickly, and adapt to whatever business needs exist. 


Posted on 1/24

English Teacher

Searching for:  Public Health, Spanish Bilingual, Nonprofit, International (FT)

I graduated in 2018 from Saint Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a minor in Spanish. I have been able to pursue these interests in Spanish and health the past three years in various positions at Amigos de Jesus, a children’s home in rural Honduras. This fall, I transitioned back to Minnesota and am teaching English at Holy Family Catholic High School.

I am passionate working with underserved communities and enjoy variety in my responsibilities. I am open to job opportunities in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors and l thrive in an environment where I can learn new things each day.


Top 5 Clifton Strengths: Developer, Learner, Restorative, Achiever, Input


Posted on 12/2

Commercial Loan Servicer

Searching for:  Underwriter or Licensed Title Officer (FT)

I have been in the financial industry for the past 6 years. I started in retirement servicing and moved my way into the lending industry first as a mortgage processor and then as a post closing commercial loan servicer. I am currently looking to get back into mortgage processing and work my way towards becoming an underwriter or a licensed title officer.


Posted on 3/19

Student Picture Production at Lifetouch

Searching for:  Home Design (FT)

I have 40 years of experience in fulfillment and am looking to use transferable skills to enter Conceptual Residential Home Design. This field has fascinated me since an early age. Over the past twenty years I have designed over 700 home plans.