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Below is a list of guild members who are looking for full-time or part-time work. Read through their bios and resumes below to learn more about each candidate.

Posted on 5/11


Systems Consultant, Customer Support Engineer

Searching for:  IT Linux System Position


I am looking for a job in the IT Linux system or network support space. I have a broad range of experience, with over 20 years supporting both internal and external customers. Top quality customer service is my passion, but most recently my interest and experience is as a Systems Administrator. I am currently pursuing AWS cloud certification.

Posted on 4/29


Marketing Specialist

Searching for:  Human resources assistant


I am an experienced and motivated individual seeking an opportunity to use my knowledge and skill set to serve employees and customers with integrity and compassion while meeting the goals and direction of the organization. 

Posted on 4/29


Finance / Economics

Searching for:  Finance or economics


I was an automotive technician for nine years until 2014 when, due to some medical problems, I was told I should switch careers. I went back to school in 2016 attending Century College and graduated with honors in 2018. I then attended Metropolitan State University and recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in December '19. I graduated Summa Cum Laude majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics.

As a recent graduate, I am looking for a position that does not require prior experience or one that can look past my lack of work experience in the financial workplace. I am a quick learner if you look at my resume. I was given a temporary position within one month of me starting a student worker position because I caught on quickly and was able to take on more duties to fill a position that was vacated by another employee. I am open to positions in a variety of fields within the financial world and even other fields that may just require a degree. I am open to work for companies of all sizes.

Posted on 4/21



Searching for: Bookkeeping and office administration

I have 35 years of experience in bookkeeping and office administration. I am looking for part time work in either area, for weekday evenings.

Posted on 4/21


Senior Chemical Engineering Student

Searching for: Entry level process or chemical engineering


I am currently a senior chemical engineering student at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS and will be graduating this May.


I found my way down to Kansas after attending Hill-Murray and St. Peter's School in NSP. At St. Peter, I have enjoyed altar serving since 5th grade and continue to occasionally serve at Masses when I am home on break. This experience led me into an Altar Server Captain position which I have held for the last three years at Benedictine. In this position, I have learned a great deal about different methods of leading people as I taught them how to volunteer at our college Masses.


I believe this is one example of many skills I have learned which I am excited to begin applying in a full time engineering position.

Posted on 4/20


Sourcing Manager

Searching for: Sourcing Management - Indirect Spend (FT)


I am able to bring significant savings to your company through best purchasing practices, manage a sourcing team, and consult in your operations.


With many years as manager in Operations of Sourcing, Logistics, and Warehousing, I have been an instrumental decision maker for various companies.


Strengths include communicating well with others, supporting upper management, and bringing efficiencies to your company with excellent customer service with integrity.

Posted on 12/19


E-Banking Specialist

Searching for: Small business banking (FT)


With ten years of banking experience in operations, I enjoy serving small business customers with their payroll, rent collection or vendor payment needs.

Posted on 10/13


Sales Leader/Manager

Searching for: Leadership position in sales, especially in a B2B setting (FT)


Creative, enterprising, strategic B2B sales professional with over 15 years of experience in business development, sales operations and optimizing organizations.  Over 10 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry.  Strengths include building relationships, written and verbal communication skills, selling and marketing intangibles, lead generation, account and project management, negotiating, public speaking, sales process improvement.


Paul personalizes the selling experience.

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