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Getting Work Right

Integrating Labor & Leisure in a Fragmented World


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Long Version

We all know we've got to work. 

But we are also made for leisure!


Ultimately, leisure is the "labor" we'll be doing for all eternity!

It's easy to get leisure and labor wrong, but if we get them right — and get them right as a community — we would be transformed!


Join fellow "laborers" of all professions, and business owners large and small, for the St. Joseph Business Guild's Fall Quarterly! October 17th at 5:30 PM at The Quarry Catholic Coworking (1983 Dayton Avenue in St. Paul)! Dr. Michael Naughton, director of St. Thomas's Catholic Studies department will be presenting on this topic to a great crew! Make some connections! Cost is $15; free for students and clergy! RSVP at

Short Version

We all have to work; but we're also made for leisure! We'll be transformed if we get them right!


Come make some connections and be formed! The general public is invited to the October 17th quarterly meeting of the St. Joseph Business Guild, where Dr. Michael Naughton will be presenting on labor and leisure to a great crew of "laborers" of all professions! Doors open at 5:30 PM at The Quarry Catholic Coworking, 1983 Dayton Avenue in St. Paul!


To RSVP visit - they hope to see you there!

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